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Facebook has made a breakthrough in the field of mobile games with the new feature that the social network has just put in place on August 2, 2018. The platform said via an ad that users could now try the games presented in ads on their newsfeed before you buy or download. A great portion of these games are free online casino games with no deposit casino bonus, powered by popular sites, such as http://unlimitedgamestop.com/. Based on the reviews, Facebook is advertising the hottest casino games in the industry, thus creating space for their developers to build a greater presence on the highly-competitive market. Users can play them at no cost or for real money, depending on their gaming needs and preferences.

This new feature is available on the Store and Google Play games. In other words, it does not apply to Facebook games. However, it offers many benefits for developers of games for players users of mobile games. Particularly casino developers who are promoting their mobile apps. Casino games are the most prominent source of entertainment both for pleasure and real money, especially since they had developed free bonuses and gave the players a real chance of winning some free cash. If you are up for some test trial, learn how to take advantage of the free cash bonus we provide. Besides the lucrative offers, you will find tips and guidelines on how to find the perfect casino for you.


This feature is still in full deployment and should be entirely accessible to all in a bit.

Facebook helps developers to market their games

Rich Kelly, Vice President of the world games at Facebook, said that the explosive growth in the number of mobile applications is not on game developers today given the fierce competition that indulges in this area. That is thanks to the amazing gaming platforms that offer some of the best casino games that have come out in recent years in the US. These are high-quality games that raise the competition in the gaming industry for everyone. They also elevate the standard of quality which proves that competition is always a good thing.

Currently, creating an original and sensational game is no longer the sole purpose of the developers. Should they manage to capture, the attention of users with their games and this is where Facebook comes into play. With this feature, the platform offers developers the opportunity to make known their games to the public.

The social network also gives a choice to users who, after playing a demo of the game, may decide to buy it, download it or not. You will also be able to play online casino games at the most popular online gambling sites. Players can play whatever they want, without being required to download it if they didn’t like the game. Many Facebook users consider this as an extremely attractive offer, because of the fact that even sports betting will be available, and every betting fan would be able to place bets.

A feature that is part of other measures taken by Facebook

Recently, Facebook has to make possible the most attractive platform for advertisers, but especially for its users. In July 2018, the brand saw its ad policy by removing the filters put in place by some advertisers.

Also, the Group also added augmented reality on its advertising platform. In practice, this allows users who want to buy products such as make-up, clothing, glasses or other to see/wear the item and decide if they are going to purchase or not.