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UniFreireis a brand that supports and keeps track of the educational offerings on the international stage. This education website provides information to international students to study opportunities all across the globe. You can research curriculum, and learn about study permit requirements.

The UniFreire logo is prominently displayed at education promotion events organized around the world. It appears on promotional materials of governments and educational institutions, including universities, colleges, language schools and schools offering kindergarten to senior high school programs.

International Education

Unifreire aims to increase University visibility abroad and attract international students to educational institutions (universities, colleges, language schools, elementary and secondary schools).

Education trade commissioners are present in most embassies and consulates to assist private educational institutions, the public and interested provinces or associations in recruiting foreign students. You can also visit the Education section of our website for information on markets and upcoming International Education events.

International scholarships

Global Affairs ensures the Government’s participation in major international scholarship opportunities for foreigners. Through the International fellowships’ program, Global Affairs provides support to international researchers, which is often also provided by foreign governments to researchers in their respective country.